Crafter Units

We are happy to offer the Reliable Crafter units along with our products.  The CopeCrafter shown below floats on air and uses air clamps to hold the wood for coping.  Our photos show the use of UHMW Polyethylene backers held in place with prauls that we manufacture. These units are high quality devices that have been made for many years by the same company. Made in the USA (Texas, as a matter of fact,) the crafter family of devices represent equipment that you can rely on...........  You can rely on Reliable!

Reliable CopeCrafter C10-1 --------------------------- $795.00
(Plus $35 shipping and handling - 48 states)



                        1.  Air operated clamping.                                                   2.  Air floatation.



                             3.  Guides in miter slot.                                    4.  Operators hands away from cutter


left middle right