Stackable Insert Cutters

We are delighted to display Freeborn's new stackable insert cutters.  Some door makers have experienceed problems with center panels made from material that is undersized... that is to say less than 1/4th inch thick. When installing these "undersized" center panels, they can be loose in the typical 1/4th inch groove allowed by most cope and stick cutters. These new high-end cutters from Freeborn are made in the USA and solve this dilemma. Not only are they insert cutters, but the owner can change the width of the groove that the center panel fits into from 1/4th inch down to about 5.2 mm. Below are photos of the cutter set in various displays. Some photos show the cope and pattern (stick) sets together as they would be used on the shaper. Others show the cope side stacked and the pattern side apart so you can see how Freeborn has accomplished this feat. By using shems between the center components, the thickcness of the tounge (cope) and groove (pattern) can be adjusted. Most of the replacable cutter tips are four-sided and can be rotated for a fresh edge. There is one cutter (3 tips) on each of the cope and pattern stacks that has the profile tip on it. This cutter pair can be purchased seprately to allow the owner of one of these sets to add the ability to do a different profile on their cope and stick door parts. In addition, these stackable insert cope and pattern cutters can be restacked to cut parts for glass doors with the rabbit for the glass already present. A huge amount of ability is contained in this cutter set. Take time to view each photo to help you understand how the various seven pieces interact. Call us to discuss which cutters are best for your purpose.  For additional information we suggest that you log on to Freeborn's website at

Seven-piece insert set ---------------------------  Price: $895
(+$19.50 shipping and handling - in the 48 continental states)







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