You can see by the pictures, that Hi-Ryder was designed to assist the woodworker when ripping (cutting) narrow wood on the table saw.  Hi-Ryder requires a fence similar to the one seen here.  It's main body slides in the saddle created by this type of fence.  This saddle effect is what prompted us to give this device the decidedly "western" style name of Hi-Ryder.  Key to the function of Hi-Ryder is the weighted shoe that glides on the saw table on the opposite side of the fence from the side where the cutting takes place.  Hi-Ryder was designed to be adjustable to almost all fences of this type.  The sliding surfaces are made of UHMW polyethyline to slide smoothly and minimize any scratching of the fence or saw table. The working blade of Hi-Ryder is constructed of polycarbonate, a material which is much tougher than a similar appearing material called plexiglass.  The spring system of Hi-Ryder is also a key component.  It must support the blade and handle in its upper position, but also be soft enough to go down before the operator's hand movement causes the unit to move forward.  In it's use, most commonly, longer pieces of wood are cut than the ones shown here.  In this more common case, Hi-Ryder simply awaits the operator to advance the longer board and is in position to be used to engage the board for its final few inches of advance through the blade.

Perhaps the most important feature of Hi-Ryder is its ease of installation.  Once initially adjusted for fence size, it can be simply removed or replaced on the saw fence for use.  An additional intentional feature is the weight of the entire unit.  This is intended to add stability.  If the operator would jam up a piece of wood, the operator can simply hold Hi-Ryder with one hand and reach down and switch off the saw with the other.  Ripping shorter pieces as shown in the photos is easy.  We do continue to advise that this and most all woodworking procedures have inherently a degree of danger in them.  With this in mind we want you to continue to make safety your number one priority. Patent Pending.

Hi-Ryder ---------------------------  Introductory Price: $395
(+$25 shipping and handling - in the 48 continental states)

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