Model 35 Mini-Coper

Wynmatic, Inc. Mini-Coper is a smaller version of our Model 70 Cope-Avator. Designed to clamp a work piece while cope cutting across the end to produce rails for door construction, it is also very useful for shaping the ends of other small work pieces. This device does not need a miter slot to run in as it guides (runs) on the existing fence using its polycarbonate "see thru" guide. For use on regular shapers and router tables. Capacity is up to 1-1/4 inches thick and 7 inches wide. This unit will accommodate most cabinet door construction. Base is 1/2 inch thick and special provision for squaring is featured in this unit. A separate smaller clamp facilitates removal and advance of backer (blow-out board) Patent Pending. See below to watch a Cope-Avator in action. This item is also available through Freeborn Tool Company, Inc.


Model 35 Mini-Coper ---------------------------  $399 (plus shipping and handling)


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