Model 2048 Power Feeder

We are happy to offer Steff power feeders for use in moving the workpiece.  European (Italy) in origin, the Steff feeders are better than most other feeders that we are aware of.  We especially like the Model 2048 since it offers a larger range of feed speeds to choose from than four speed feeders.  Additionally, the presence of four wheels allows the operator to place two wheels on the in-feed side of the cutter and two wheels on the out-feed side of the cutter.  This allows for superior control of the work piece as it moves through the cutting process.  The unit offers eight speeds forward and eight speeds in reverse, so it is equally functional in both directions.  Below, please find more pictures of the Steff (Maggi) feeder.

Model 2048 (8 Speed - 1 Phase) --------------------------- $Call
Model 2048 (8 Speed - 3 Phase) --------------------------- $Call
(Plus $70 shipping and handling - 48 states)







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