Model 70 Cope-Avator

Wynmatic, Inc. Cope-Avator was designed to help the professional woodworker clamp a work piece while cope cutting across the end to produce rails for cope & pattern door construction. Weighing in at over 20 lbs., this device does not need a miter slot to run in as it guides (runs) on the existing fence using it’s polycarbonate “see thru” guide.


Model 70 Cope-Avator ---------------------------  $795 (plus shipping and handling)



  • Separate clamp for backer board
  • Quick advance or removal for clean-up cut

  • Polycarbonate fence guide
  • No Need for a miter slot in shaper table

  • High quality clamps
  • No cumbersome compressed air lines needed

  • Thick heavy base
  • Aids in stacked cutter applications

  • Cushioned grips
  • Encourages safe placement of hands

  • Enhanced capacity
  • Handles material to 10” wide and 2” thick

  • Aggressive work piece surface
  • Keeps work piece from moving while cutting

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