Wynmatic Panel Press

Frequently, we have communicated with woodworkers who have difficulty shaping the end of narrow components such as the top and bottom of narrow doors or the right and left side of narrow drawer fronts. Panel Press was developed to help manage the work piece while the cut on the narrow end of these pieces is being performed.  Panel Press allows the operator to hold the work piece down firmly to the table and also allows for a follower piece to eliminate blowout when the cutter exits after the cut.  Panel Press also works well on table saws.  Panel Press has a special grip work surface on its lower side which contacts the work piece.  Panel Press guides on the shaper or table saw fence with a "see-through" polycarbonate guide which functions above the piece being cut.  Panel Press adapts immediately to your existing setup and works on all shapers and table saws that we have had experience with.  We arrived at the name for Panel Press because of how it manages panels, particularly the ones that have a narrow width such as a narrow door or drawer front. Patent Pending. See below to watch in action. This item is also available through Freeborn Tool Company, Inc. .


WynMatic Panel Press ---------------------------  $249.00
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  Material may be added to guide or fence wood halfs if device does clear cutter.

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