Tired of ruining your templates when cutting arched raised panels? Don't have any decent chip collection while cutting the same? Enter Wynmatic, Inc. Stop-Avator

Consisting of a substantial chip collection piece with one important additional function. A wheel, similar to those found on power feeders, is suspended from the top of the chip collection device. This wheel has special bearings in it which only allow it to turn in one direction. As shown, the shaper is used while the cutter is rotating CCW (counter-clockwise). The yellow wheel is in firm contact with the outer race of the bearing. The result is that when the shaper is turned on, the outer race of the bearing will not be turning, and the cutter along with the rest of the bearing will be turning at normal speed. So, no need to stop the bearing, because it is already stopped! The operator can simply engage the bearing with the template and cut the raised panel. The special bearings in the yellow wheel will allow the outer race of the bearing to turn with the template while cutting. Once the cut is complete, the clamping device can be pulled away from the bearing and it will remain stopped! Some customers have told us that this could have been thought of long ago, but how nice to see it now. Your comments are welcome. If you have experience in doing this procedure, you will pretty much immediately realize what a help this new device can be.

Stop-Avator ---------------------------  Introductory Price: $695.00
(+$25 shipping and handling - in the 48 continental states)





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