Wynmatic TRIO Systems

The Wynmatic Inc  TRIO systems were developed for the medium and larger shop.  Designed to make virtually any number of cabinet doors, the main function is to save setup time and floor space.  One of the main concepts in this system is that the cutters for three different door types (typically ogee, shaker and beaded) are already mounted and cutter changing is eliminated.  The operator simply raises or lowers the spindle, with the help of a digital readout for precise cutter selection and positioning.  The WynMatic Stile-Avator system allows for immediate setup for width of stile cut on the stick shaper with power feeder.  Long pieces (usually 8 feet) of stick material are run.  These pieces are then cut to length for stiles and rails using a cutoff saw setup like Tiger Stop (tm).  The stiles are complete at this point.  The rails are then coped on two cope shapers which run in opposite directions. A circular arrangement such as the one shown allows more than one operator to use each shaper at the same time.


WynMatic TRIO systems start at --------------------------- $51,000.00








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